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Magnetic Resonance Imaging also known as MRI is a powerful noninvasive diagnostic tool in modern medicine and has become a key factor in assessing a wide range of medical conditions reaching from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. This fascinating imaging method is based on advanced high-tech such as superconducting magnets at extremely low temperatures close to absolute zero as well as high-performance electronics that operate in the microsecond domain. The field of MRI represents an interface of medicine, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and computer science bringing together a wide range of collaborating scientists and personnel that continue to pose exciting questions to further develop MRI methods and widen their application.

Despite the low health risk associated with MRI (non-ionizing radiation) some patients feel uncomfortable to undergo a scan which requires them to enter head-first into the relatively narrow bore of the scanner. This feeling of anxiety can be amplified by the unfamiliar surrounding of a clinical set up and the little time available to familiarize oneself with it. Here at the UH/QMC MRI Research Center we offer the opportunity to take a look at an MRI scanner, experience a phantom scan as observer and learn about MRI in general. We hope to help people familiarize themselves with MRI scanners and increase their comfort in possible upcoming MRI scans as well as to feed into the curiosity for MRI of interested individuals.

Feel encouraged to learn more about Magnetic Resonance Imaging and take part in a free 1 hour tour at the UH/QMC MRI Research Center.

The tour will be scheduled depending on demand at 10 am on Sundays when free parking is available at the QMC parking garages. If you are interested in joining the tour please contact us below.

Your personal information will not be made public or distributed without your consent.

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